Speed Escape

◆Introduction to game contents: 
Someday, the character that you act in the game is unluckily kidnapped by a group of robbers, and then you are locked in a dim room by the robbers. You unintentionally heard that the robbers will kill you as soon as they get the ransom. In order to save yourself, you have to exert all your intelligence and wisdom to find out the exit of the room and escape from the room by using all kinds of tools and articles in the room. 

◆Vivid 3D visual effect: 
The main game scenes adopting the films displayed by 3D modeling are more authentic than 2D ones. 

◆Diverse experience in operation: 
In order to provide better experience and sense of presence: Multiple gestures are supported in the game, such as common click, multiple continuous clicks, slide, long press, shaking the mobile phone by pressing the screen with a finger, etc. The main game scenes can be changed by sliding or tilting the screen (when the G-sensor option is started in the option menu). 

◆Stepwise game modes: 
The simple and advanced game modes are provided in the game. The advanced game will be activated as soon as you have completed the simple mode, you can continue to experience the game at that time, and the level of the game difficulty will increase accordingly. 

◆Vivid sound effects and freely selectable background music: 
In order to make the game experience more excellent, numerous vivid sound effects are added in the game. In addition, several background musics are provided in the game, and the player can change them freely in the option menu. 

◆ Origin of inspiration: 
The game designers are the fans of films and plays concerning police, spy and detective, and the inspiration of the game origins from some scenarios of CRI, Secrete War, etc. 



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