Dance Pandas

◆Game introduction: 
This is a fabulous music game.In this game, Cute pandas will dance with the music. With
perfect operation, the panda dancers will become as good as you play. Tap the center of phone screen when the pandas are dancing, it will be very funny. 

◆Cute panda characters: 
In this game, cute panda Bobo and his friends will dance for you. They will come out on the stage in different game level. 

◆Interesting and useful tools: 
We provide game tools like time stopping, combo twice in some game level. Using these tools, you can have more fun. 

◆Great gesture experience: 
By the gesture of common tap, long tap, slither or shaking when you playing game in different game level, you can get great game experience. 

◆Various interesting game levels: 
Varieties of interesting levels have been designed.When you finished the current level perfectly, the next level will be unlocked. 

◆Fair-sounding BGM and amazing SE: 
For the cute panda's dancing, it has much bright background music.Plus, for better gaming experience, it uses a lot of amazing sound effect in this game. 

◆Game insprition: 
This game designers are the fans of MTV. Many scenes of MTVs provided the inspiration for this game. 




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